Rhetoric Society of America at Illinois State

The Rhetoric Society of America at Illinois State University, or RSISU, was founded in Fall 2010. It is affiliated with the national Rhetoric Society of America organization.

The mission of RSISU is to promote activities that enhance the study of rhetoric at Illinois State University in accordance with the tenets of the Rhetoric Society of America. RSISU encourages the collaborative learning of scholars and teachers of rhetoric through various activities including reading and writing groups and an annual conference.

RSISU meets at least once per semester, usually in the first three weeks of the term. RSISU also organizes several activities per year.

Reading groups

Participants in RSISU reading groups agree on a text to read before the reading group meets. The reading group will meet to discuss the text and its implications in studies in rhetoric. The purpose of reading groups is to expand members’ knowledge of texts that are important to the field.

Writing groups

Writing groups are intended as a time when RSISU members can practice conference presentations or get peer response for publication submissions. Participants in writing groups must be willing to spend time offering feedback to peers and are also encouraged to bring work to share.


RSISU is working toward hosting a spring conference that will provide an opportunity for members of the community to view the scholarship of RSISU members. Non-members may also be invited to participate in the conference as readers, panel chairs, and/or keynote speakers. In addition, RSISU members participate in many other local, regional, and national conferences, especially including the RSA Biennial Conference.


While housed mainly in the Department of English, membership is open to all faculty members and students, both graduate and undergraduate, who are dues-paying members of the Rhetoric Society of America.