We aspire to offer an assistantship to many individuals admitted to the Ph.D. or Master's Program. While a large majority of these assistantships are for teaching, we also offer assistantships in publishing. Applying for a graduate assistantship is a separate process from applying for admission to the graduate program. Students who wish to apply for a graduate assistantship must complete both the online Admissions Application and the online Graduate Assistantship Application.

To apply for an assistantship with the Department of English:

     2024-2025 Master's Graduate Assistant:   Click Here

     2024-2025 Doctoral Graduate Assistant:   Click Here

Note: Normally, assistantships are only available in the fall and spring; students should plan accordingly to cover summer financial needs.

You must have a University Identification number to apply for an assistantship. The admissions office sends you this number 1-2 weeks after you have applied for admission. Alternatively, you can check your admission status and find your University Identification number by logging on to Welcome2ISU and clicking "check application status."

The Department of English also has two Sutherland Fellowships available each year to incoming Master's students interested in creative writing and publishing. For more information on this program, please visit

Applicants interested in other Graduate Assistantships available on campus should visit Illinois State Jobs: