Digital Reserve Readings

Connect to the English digital reserve:

The English Department maintains PDF's of reserve readings for selected English courses. Use this reserve to download the readings to your own computer. Once you have downloaded the readings, you can read them or print them out using Adobe Reader.

To find readings for your course, select your instructor's name from the Digital Reserve and then select your course nember (ex. ENG 324) if the instructor has reserves for more that one course.

Please report any problems to Julie Cooper.

Common Problems

I forgot my instructor's last name

Below are ways you may be able to find your teacher's last name:

I don't see my instructor's last name in the folder list.

Your instructor may be using a personal public folder to share readings instead of the English Department digital reserve. Contact your instructor for more information.

I found the reserve, but the file I need to read is blank.

If a reserve file opens but the contents appear blank, you will need to update your version of Adobe Reader .

I can read the text, but the file won't print.

If the contents appear on the screen but the document will not print, you will need to print the PDF file as an image. To print a PDF as an image: