Writing Program at Illinois State

The mission of the First Year Writing Program at Illinois State University is to support the instruction of ENG 101 and ENG 145 courses. This includes both training instructors in techniques for successful teaching generally, and helping instructors understand the course and program goals. Our mission also includes the production of course materials and resources for instructors.

The Writing Program at ISU administers two general education writing courses:

More information about the first year writing program is available at our website: http://isuwriting.com

Information & Resources


The Writing Program at Illinois State offers a variety of first-year writing courses as well as special themed sections of these courses.

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Forms and Documents

Locate forms and documents used by the Writing Program.

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Student Concerns and Grade Appeals

Students sometimes have questions or concerns about their ENG 101 or ENG 145 series course or grade. By following the steps below, students are able to file a concern or grade appeal with the Writing Program. Due to FERPA Laws, University employees are limited to discussing concerns and grade appeals with students only. Parents who wish to contact the Writing Program should do so with the understanding that there will be a delay in response until verification has been made with University officials that proper documentation is on file to have the conversation.

If you have any questions on the process for filing a Student Concern or Grade Appeal, please contact Maegan Gaddis at mdgaddi@ilstu.edu.

Grassroots Writing Research Journal

The Grassroots Writing Research Journal is the primary text for ENG 10. Beginning in Fall 2012, it will also serve as the primary text for ENG 145. The title of the journal reflects our aspirations--to present writing research by different authors and in a wide range of different topics, forms, and media.

The journal solicits authors from among the students and faculty at Illinois State University as well as among communities beyond the university. We encourage authors to share not only what they've learned about writing, but how they learned it. Thus, each new volume brings together a diverse collection of articles that all enact some form of writing research from a variety of authors. We publish a new volume of the journal each semester. However, purchasing an issue also includes access to the articles published in previous editions.

For questions or to submit to the Grassroots Writing Research Journal, contact Journal Editor Joyce Walker.

University Writing Resources

The Julia N. Visor Center

The Julia N. Visor Academic Center is a division of University College that provides services and programs designed to assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence at Illinois State University.


Milner Library


ENG 101 Library page

This resource include a range of materials useful for students in ENG 101.


Disability Concerns


Student Counseling Services


ISU Police Department