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All Faculty and Staff

Shelby Boehm portrait

Dr. Shelby Boehm

Assistant Professor of English Education

(309) 438-3667

Shane Combs portrait

Shane Combs

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-3667

Christopher De Santis portrait

Dr. Christopher De Santis

Professor of African American and American Literature

(309) 438-3667

Katie Fisher portrait

Katie Fisher

Assistant to the Chair & Undergraduate Academic Advisor

(309) 438-5783

Rachel Gramer portrait

Dr. Rachel Gramer

Associate Professor of Writing Studies/English

(309) 438-1402

Susan Kalter portrait

Susan Kalter

Professor, American Literature and Native American Studies

(309) 438-8660

Kristina Lewis portrait

Dr. Kristina Lewis

Assistant Professor of TESOL and Applied Linguistics

(309) 438-7796

Gabriel Opare portrait

Gabriel Opare

Graduate Teaching Assitant

Barbi Smyser-Fauble portrait

Dr. Barbi Smyser-Fauble

Instructional Assistant Professor in Technical Communication

(309) 438-3518

Roberta Trites portrait

Dr. Roberta Trites

Distinguished Professor of English Emerita

(309) 438-5703

Holms Troelstrup portrait

Holms Troelstrup

Assistant Director, Publications Unit

(309) 438-3025

Brooklyn Vogel portrait

Brooklyn Vogel

English Education Advisor and Clinical Field Instructor

(309) 438-3425

Joyce Walker portrait

Dr. Joyce Walker

Associate Professor, Director of First Year Writing

(309) 438-1402